Visual analytics tools comparison

Atheon Analytics advises clients on how to use visual analytics tools and techniques to address business opportunities and problems. Our analytics techniques have evolved in line with our experience, expertise and capability in a select range of visualization software applications which enable the creation and deployment of a wide range of solutions.

If you are contemplating introducing one of these tools to your organisation, please contact us so that we can talk to you about your specific needs. You might also be interested in our interactive history of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI.


Atheon Analytics uses Tableau to deliver retail analytics consulting projects, to develop client-specific solutions and to develop client expertise in visual analytics to organisations across grocery retail and consumer goods. Atheon Analytics is a Tableau Reseller Partner, providing clients with implementation support, grocery-specific training, analytical model development and life-cycle management.


Atheon Analytics has been a Visokio reseller partner since 2006 and has developed an unrivalled understanding of Omniscope in that time. Atheon provides clients - across many sectors, including grocery retail and consumer goods - with Omniscope software, support, training, model design and development and fully-managed outsourcing of Omniscope Enterprise though Atheon's DataSatellite service.

Area Feature Tableau Omniscope QlikView
Data Access Local data files (text, spreadsheet etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Relational databases (SQLServer, Oracle etc.) Yes Yes Yes
OLAP cubes (MSAS, Essbase etc.) Yes Limited No
Online data sources Limited Yes Yes
Multi-source access Yes Yes Yes
Multi-table access Yes Limited Yes
Extracted data storage Optional (proprietary) Proprietary Proprietary
Maximum capacity Unlimited Millions of rows Billions of rows
In-memory engine Desktop or Server Desktop Desktop or Server
Development approach Data access model Menu-based Menu-based Scripting (with wizards)
Extract, Transform, Load features No Yes Scripting
Calculations IDE IDE Scripting
Data aggregation control Yes Yes Yes
Table calculations Yes No Yes
Data subsetting Yes Yes Yes
Applications built by Analyst Analyst Developer
User Interface design Drag-and-drop Partial Partial Yes
  Free-form filter placement Limited No Yes
  Standard visualizations (table, bar, line, plot, crosstab) Yes Yes Yes
  Advanced visualizations Bullet Tile (treeview), network, Venn, dial Dial, sparkline, radar
  Statistical analysis Medium Light Medium
  Embed images and text Yes Yes Yes
  Geographic mapping Yes Yes Limited
  Embed web browser Yes Yes Yes
Usage Ad hoc analysis Yes Yes Limited
  Custom applications Limited Limited Yes
  Recurrent reporting Yes Limited Yes
  Dashboards Yes Limited Yes
  Paper-based reporting Yes No Yes
Operation Run from desktop Yes Yes Yes
  Automated desktop build from server Yes Limited Yes
  Run from server Yes No Yes
  User/Group security Yes No Yes
  Automated publish to users Yes Limited Yes
  Automated publish to static format (PDF etc.) Yes Yes Yes
  Publish to Flash No Yes No
  Free viewer Yes Yes No
  Platform apps iPhone/iPad No iPhone/iPad, Android
  Zero-footprint browser version Yes No Yes
Licensing Licence basis Perpetual Annual Perpetual
  Technical support and upgrades 20% per year Included in annual licence fee 20% per year
  Single-user desktop edition Yes Yes Yes
  Named-user server licensing Yes n/a Yes
  Session/document server licensing Yes n/a Yes
  Server publishing licence Yes Yes Yes